Luis Simões in the automotive industry in partnership with Mahle
07 Sep, 2023

Luis Simoes in Partnership with Mahle

Luis Simoes is a partner of Mahle, the German supplier to the automotive industry and a pioneer in technological advancements for future mobility.

This collaboration began in mid-2017 when the operations center of Luis Simoes in Coimbra started providing an integrated transportation and logistics service for raw materials (steel straps and segments), as well as order preparation for production lines at Mahle’s Portuguese unit located in Murtede, Cantanhede.

Coimbra Logistics Operations Center

Currently, our company receives, verifies, and stores raw materials from Brazil and is responsible for executing all production orders through direct communication channels with Mahle. These orders result from meticulous and pre-defined planning between both parties.

Cristina Falcão, manager of Luis Simoes’ operations center in Coimbra, states: “This partnership places us in a unique and multifaceted position, aligned with the market and the current challenges of the automotive industry. The high level of demands and quality standards in this sector reinforce our position as a leading logistics operator in the Iberian market.”

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