Luís Simões and Bosch reinforce collaboration in the Iberian Peninsula
25 Oct, 2018

Luís Simões and the Bosch Group reinforced their collaboration with the objective of achieving greater coverage in the Iberian Peninsula. Luís Simões, who has been developing integrated logistics services for Bosch since 2016, mainly in the Logistics Operations Center of Gaia, has moved to Aveiro.

With the expansion of the relationship between both companies, Aveiro’s facilities will supply the Bosch plant, developing In-House services, and feed the production lines with supply of cyclical components and according to the needs of the lines. Likewise, it will continue to boost export activities, the national market for finished goods and spare parts.

With this expansion Luís Simões created 30 new jobs in the region of Aveiro, in addition to the 10 employees who were already developing this logistics operation in Vila Nova de Gaia and are now working in Aveiro.

The 16,440-square-meter warehouse, with a capacity for 16,000 pallets, 14,000 slots and 42 dock doors, receives a wide range of products from the brand, from water heaters, boilers, heaters, spare parts to components for supplying production lines, which makes a total of 11,500 active references.

For Carlos Batalha, Manager of the Aveiro Operations Center “working with a premium brand such as Bosch, is a great opportunity to show the quality and competence that our company provides in all operations and allows us to move forward, diversifying and positioning ourselves in the most distinct market segments. ”

For Luís Simões this change represents an opportunity to expand its geographic area of ​​influence, reinforcing its presence in an area with a strong industrial component.