Luis Simões is growing in the dried fruit market through Frutorra
07 Sep, 2023

Luis Simões has initiated a partnership with Frutorra, a company specialized in the importation, production, and marketing of snacks, dried fruits, and vegetables.

We manage the company’s supply chain with the aim of developing an efficient and secure operation that promotes Frutorra‘s growth in the Portuguese market.

We take charge of the distribution chain:

Luis Simões is responsible for the logistics activities of Frutorra at its multi-client center in Coimbra. We take charge of the distribution chain, including storage operations, order preparation, distribution, and picking tasks. In total, we expect to produce several tens of thousands of boxes per month.

“We are very proud that Frutorra, a company with such a long tradition in our country, has entrusted us with its logistics operations. From the entry of products into our warehouse to their arrival at their destination, we will work with maximum efficiency and safety criteria, incorporating innovative systems to ensure the highest profitability of the operation. For us, it is an honor to support this Portuguese company in its new growth strategy,” says Cristina Falcão, manager of the Luis Simões Operations Center in Coimbra.

In turn, João Fernandes of Frutorra states, “This represents an evolution in our logistics operations, and we are very excited to work with a partner already recognized in the market, who instills confidence in our daily operations.”

Frutorra is one of the latest clients to be integrated into the logistics operations center in Coimbra, from which Luis Simões offers distribution, logistics, and storage services to important clients from different sectors in modern facilities equipped with the latest innovations in technological systems and sustainability.

About Frutorra

Founded in 1988, in the town of Degracias, Frutorra is a family-owned company with a long history, a market leader in the dried fruits and snacks sector in Portugal. Recently, the company underwent rebranding, featuring a new image, a new logo, new packaging, and a new attitude, while maintaining the same flavor and quality as always.”