Luís Simões integrates a new Advisory Board in the prestigious Instituto Internacional San Telmo
10 Apr, 2018

Luís Simões was one of the selected companies to be part of the new Business Policy Advisory Board of the Instituto Internacional San Telmo, one of the most prestigious business schools in Spain, specialized in business executives training. The new Board it’s made up of directors from 41 leading companies from around the world and José Luís Simões, Chairman of the Board Directors, was chosen to be part of the program.

Luís Simões’s relationship with the Instituto Internacional San Telmo was established almost 20 years ago, with the assistance of several courses through companies’ top management, and since 2009 José Luís Simões makes part of the Advisory Board of the ADECA Program, directed to the Food Chain companies’ top management. Now, with its participation in the new Business Policy Advisory Board, LS can, through José Luís Simões, contribute with its experience as a specialist and share its knowledge on business management with other leading companies at an international level.

The Board mission, chaired by the Nestlé President Emeritus Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, is to contribute to the raising of the international profile of the business school through the acquired know-how throughout their professional careers. The professional path that in case of José Luís Simões goes back to 1973, year in which he assumes the management of Luís Simões along with his brothers. Since 1997, he is also the Company’s Chairman of the Board Directors.

According José Luís Simões, “It is a great honour to be a part of this project and to share with other executives my knowledge. And to share also the Luís Simões success business, which has elevated us to leaders in the flow market between the two Iberian countries”.

Last week, José Luís Simões has participated in the first meeting of the Consultative Council, which agreed to establish an annual meeting to analyse and discuss how companies’ board members should address to face the new challenges of today’s market. Likewise, the council will organize a seminar, whose first edition will take place at the Institute’s headquarters in Malaga, and where success business cases will be analysed.

Distinguished in 2014 with the Career Award in the first edition of the Modern Logistics Awards and in 2017 with the Kaizen Institute Award, José Luís Simões regularly participates as a speaker at conferences regarding Logistics, Transportation, Leadership, Management or Human Resources, among others themes.