LS and Nestlé at the 22nd APLOG Logistics Congress
09 Oct, 2019

Rui Simões will participate on the 17th of October, together with Jordi Aycart of Nestlé, in the 22nd Logistics Congress promoted by APLOG (Portuguese Logistics Association), in the session “Collaboration in the Supply Chain”, under the theme “Winning through collaboration”.

This panel will address the importance of working in partnership to respond more quickly and effectively to the demands of customers and the environment, as well as to gain long-term competitiveness through standardization of processes, concentration of operations and investment in solutions for automation.

The intervention is in charge of Rui Simões, administrator of the Logistics and Innovance area, together with Jordi Aycart, Iberian Supply Chain Manager at Nestlé.

Who are Rui Simões and Jordi Aycart

Rui Simões is 37 years old and has a degree in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications from the University of Aveiro. He has an Executive MBA from AESE / IESE and worked in Management and Information Systems consultancy for several years, before joining the Information Systems department at Luís Simões. In 2015 he assumed the functions of Administrator for the area of ​​Innovance, and since the beginning of 2019 he has accumulated this function with that of Administrator for the area of ​​Logistics.

Jordi Aycart has a degree in Economic Sciences and Insurance Actuary from the University of Barcelona. He started his professional career in 1988 as a professor of financial mathematics at the University of Barcelona and joined Nestlé in 1992, in the Organization and Information Systems department. During the last 27 years he developed his career in the scope of the Supply Chain, playing the role of Head of Logistics in Portugal, Demand & Supply Chain Planning Manager in Vevey (Switzerland) and Supply Chain Manager Iberian for Purina. In 2015 he assumed the role of Iberian Supply Chain Manager.

The APLOG congress

The 22nd APLOG Logistics Congress will take place on October 16 and 17, in Lisbon, under the motto “The New Frontiers of Logistics” – physical and geographical, sustainability, food quality, applied to the sectors of fashion, industry automotive, health, retail and agri-food, among others.