Luís Simões and Montepino open new Logistics Operations Centre in Guadalajara
20 Feb, 2019

Luís Simões and Montepino Logística have partnered once again to build a new-generation Logistics Operations Centre, representing a step-up of our logistics processes.

The platform, which opened today, the 20th of February, has a total area of 89 000m² and is located in Puerta Centro’s polygon, Guadalajara, a key strategic location for the Spanish logistics and manufacturing sector.

This ‘turnkey’ project, built by Montepino for Luís Simões, entailed a joint investment of 85 million Euros and will provide employment for over 450 people, including direct and indirect workers. Construction works for this high-end logistics centre are handled by INBISA Construcción and every aisle is foreseen to become completely operational in May 2019.

The inauguration ceremony

The inauguration ceremony was chaired by President of the Portuguese Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, by President of the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La-Mancha, Emiliano García-Page and by the Alcalde of Guadalajara, Antonio Román Jasanada, and involved a great number of institution and company representatives, who wished to join Luís Simões and Montepino in this extremely important day.

During the event, visits to the premises were carried out and the services to be provided in the centre were introduced to the participants. This new operations centre will provide services adapted to the requirements of large consumption logistics and will include 5350m2 for Copacking/e-Commerce services and temperature controlled chamber, which will help support different product and customer profiles.

“which we undoubtedly see as the next reference logistics hub in the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe”

To José Luís Simões, President of Luís Simões, “this new Logistics Operations Centre underlines our commitment and investment in Guadalajara, which we undoubtedly see as the next reference logistics hub in the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe. This centre constitutes another step forward in our business strategy and fulfils Luís Simões’ ambition to continue to expand our operations in the Spanish market, consistently offering a comprehensive, high-quality service to each of our customers and applying the sector’s state-of-the-art technologies and innovations”.

In the words of Montepino’s Operations Vice-President Juan José, ‘This is one of the most advanced logistics buildings we have developed until today, due to the high degree of automation and to the inner distribution structure, which will greatly streamline and optimize the amount of time required for each logistics process.

Luís Simões continues to expand its transport and logistics business in Spain. This new Logistics Operations Centre will receive important clients, including big consumer brands such as Nestlé.

Jordi Aycart, Supply Chain Director at Nestlé in Spain, explains that “with this logistics centre, we will strengthen our partnership with Luís Simões, with the aim of continuing to develop solutions aligned with new market tendencies, which maximise customer and consumer satisfaction levels, and to carry out increasingly flexible and reliable operations with our environment”.

Maximum storage, sustainability and high-end technology capacity

This sophisticated logistics centre will consist of three aisles, of 31 158m², 29 083m² and 28 650m², with their respective offices. The centre has been projected to have a capacity for 178 000 pallets and to allow the entry of 112 vehicles and exit of 174 every day. These facilities will be equipped with the latest technological tools for automating pallet shipping and a solution specifically tailored to the requirements of e-Commerce logistics. The green spaces and 800 parking spaces for light vehicles are also noteworthy.

The centre, built in Puerta Centro’s Polygon in Guadalajara, one of the key logistics hubs in the Iberian Peninsula, is based in one of Spain’s strategic locations for large national and international operators, thanks to its A-2 Highway, Corredor del Henares and Madrid links.

The project was designed with the highest quality and sustainable energy standards in mind, which will allow it to obtain the LEED Gold certificate, awarded by the US Green Building Council. In this way, Luís Simões and Montepino are reinforcing their commitment to the environment, providing services that have a low environmental impact.