Luís Simões for 28 years in the central area of Portugal with the LOC of Coimbra
13 Jun, 2022

We operate in the central area of Portugal through our Logistics Operations Centre (LOC) in Coimbra, which began its activity in 1993, almost three decades ago, and is nowadays a key axis for LS’ activity at national and international level.

The activity of this LOC started in the traditional area of road freight transport at a national level, and then, in a gradual and sustained way, we moved on to various international markets (Spain, France, BENELUX, Germany and Italy), always with the aim of providing the best service to our customers.

A total of 14,000m2

The development of the business meant that, in 2002, the Coimbra Centre integrated the logistics operations area – at the time with a 600m2 warehouse – which has evolved positively over the last two decades and now has five warehouses and a total of 14,000m2, fully prepared to support the region in its development of the Logistics and Transport area.

Our LOC in Coimbra provides services in Integrated Logistics, Reverse Logistics, Automotive, Positive Cooling, Container Unloading and Urban Distribution, among others.

In 2020, there was a strong investment in increasing the warehouse space of this Centre, as a result of the growth it has had in logistics in the region, and always with the aim of being an example and a reference for the sector.

Reinforcement of Human Resources

In parallel, the Human Resources, our main asset, were reinforced: the LOC in Coimbra has multi- and interdisciplinary teams, with 40 collaborators trained and empowered with the best equipment, and perfectly aligned with the company’s values.

Main sectors of activity

The main sectors of activity of this LOC are Food and Beverages, Paper and Pulp, and the services are tailored to the needs of the various customers. An example of this is the acquisition, in 2014, of nine Gigaliners to serve Celbi – “Celulose Beira Industrial”, a pioneering multimodal project throughout the region and also in the Iberian Peninsula itself, which promotes the efficiency and sustainability of transport.

Cristina Falcão, our Centre Manager

” The LOC in Coimbra is a successful project of Luís Simões in the Centre of Portugal, which exists to offer clients a service of excellence at all times and seeks the sustainable development of the Logistics business in the region,” remarks Cristina Falcão, Manager of our Logistical Operations Centre in Coimbra. “Without the trust of our clients it would be impossible to get here: fresh from a challenging year and facing 2021, which remains demanding in the logistics sector, but full of opportunities. With the resilience, creativity and capacity for reinvention which are our characteristics, we will be able to continue to strengthen our investment in this region of Portugal, which is so important for Luís Simões.”

Testimonials from some of our clients of the LOC in Coimbra

• Nuno França, Head of Logistics of Revigrés
“Revigrés is constantly looking for the best solutions to serve its clients, and we have identified in Luís Simões the capacity to help us create a transport network in line with the corporate objectives of our company. We highlight the provision of a reliable service, flexibility and adaptability and the implementation of corrective actions for all incidences as some of the advantages that LS offers us.”

• Sorin Dinca, Supply Chain Manager of Mahle
“The partner relationship we have with Luís Simões is very positive. The main advantages we identify in their service are their responsiveness, speed and flexibility in case of urgencies and changes in programming; not to mention the proximity of the facilities. We also highlight the competence, professionalism, hospitality, friendliness and cordiality of the entire LS team with whom we have the privilege of dealing daily.”

Together we go further… as far as the future goes!