Reta donates a Trailer to the Arganil Volunteer Fire fighters
03 Sep, 2018

Reta, a company of the Luís Simões group, under its Social Responsibility policy, has donated a refrigerated semi-trailer to the Arganil Volunteer Fire fighters, a vehicle that will have as its main function to serve as an Operational Command Post in support of fire fighting.

The delivery of the vehicle took place in the Technical Assistance Center in Carregado and was attended by Paulo Caires, Marketing and Sales Director of Reta, and Nuno Teixeira, 2nd Commander of the Arganil Volunteer Fire fighters.

The Trailer request to Reta, by the Arganil fire fighters, is related to the logistical needs inherent to the activities of the civil protection.

According to the corporation, the vehicle will be transformed into two separate parts: refrigeration to keep food and beverages fresh in a smaller compartment and the larger partition will be equipped with beds for the rest of the operatives involved in the theatre of operations.

According to Nuno Costa, commander of the Arganil Voluntary Fire fighters, the cooling system allows to have two different temperatures and two different spaces. The vehicle will also make it possible for operators to stay close to the happenings, ensuring a faster and more effective response and more hours of rest, and once at the forest fires the operational fire fighters are subjected to high temperatures and a high physical effort. “By ensuring fresh drinks, we contribute to a greater individual and group motivation.”

For the person in charge “the company Luís Simões and the Arganil Fire fighters are together in the pursuit of the public interest. The use of the equipment will always depend on the nature of the occurrence. Thus, we expect it to be used more than 20 times during the year and, if we consider that aftermath and surveillance operations are usually time-consuming, it can reach more than 60 hours of commitment from the operators. ”

For Paulo Caires, Reta’s Marketing and Sales Director, “due to the size of the company and group we represent, Social Responsibility must be present in our daily lives. This action is only a visible part of our daily work and, and in this case, the way of rewarding the effort and dedication that this fire company devotes to society. ”

In 2017, Portugal faced major forest fires, which cost lives and destroyed dwellings and industrial complexes. Faced with these tragedies, and aware of the duty of society to provide all possible support to those who have fought and continue to fight such calamities, this is one of the ways for Luís Simões group to carry out its policy of Social Responsibility.