Montepino hands over the brand new and pioneering Luís Simões Logistics Operations Centre in Guadalajara
14 Oct, 2020

Montepino, one of the leading developers and managers of specialist logistics assets in Spain, made the final handover of the Luís Simões logistics HUB on the Puerta Centro – Ciudad del Transporte industrial estate in Guadalajara. This is a leading-edge project comprising of three buildings that are the product of yet another partnership between these two enterprises which jointly, have developed 200,000m2 of logistics warehousing.

Traditional Logistics Vs Automated Logistics

The complex occupies a total area of 91,575m2 in a key and strategic location for the sector, being located in one of the major logistics centres on the Iberian Peninsula, comprising of two buildings for classic logistics use which were handed over in April 2019 together with a third one that is fully equipped to be automated, and which was handed over in July 2020. The merchandise for internationally renowned companies will be warehoused and controlled there.

The building that was most recently handed over is a unique space that uses pioneering technology, having been built to be 100% automated, with a self-supporting warehousing silo. The quality parameters for the construction have been adapted to the requirements of the sector that allows for the use of Gigaliners that include a cutting-edge firefighting system to ensure the safety of the company together with its employees.

A pioneering complex

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is an operations centre that has been adapted to meet the requirements of the mass-consumption products field, having an area especially conceived and designed to meet the requirements of e-Commerce logistics, as well as for Reworking and Copacking operations. The buildings erected by Spain´s leading turnkey logistics promoter, will have the highest performance level in the logistics sector, with additional height to increase their capacity for storage, simultaneously ensuring their sustainability. Montepino thus bolsters the connection with their clients and their commitment to the environment.

Leed Silver Certification

The new LS logistics centre in Guadalajara was awarded the LEED Silver certification from the US Green Building Council, which evaluates buildings with a sustainable energy consumption with high levels of efficiency and comfort.

All of this combines to turn this into a platform that allows users to provide a more efficient service with a reduced environmental impact at the leading edge of innovation, safety, and sustainability in the sector.

Luís Simões: one of the most effective and efficient companies in the Spanish logistics market

Custom designed by Montepino to meet the needs of our company, the site will turn LS into one of the most efficient and effective operators in the Spanish logistics market. According to Juan José Vera, the Director General of Montepino, “the handover of this development serves to consolidate the leadership of the company at the heart of the logistics sector”.

This new HUB, the design for which required enormous technical capability due to its ambitious nature, was possible thanks to the multidisciplinary team at Montepino, comprising of a range of specialists from the fields of architecture, civil engineering, and installation engineering. So much of their success resides also in the relationship of trust between Montepino and Luís Simões, who have been working together towards their objectives for more than five years.