Luís Simões transfers Spanish head office to Guadalajara as growth strategy
05 Dec, 2019

Guadalajara: a strategic location

Our company has transferred its Spanish head office to Guadalajara, a strategic location in the country for the logistics and manufacturing sectors.

The operations centre in Guadalajara has a total area of 89 000m2 and will employ over 400 people, in direct and indirect positions, and will begin operations in the first half of the year.

The change of San Fernando

The change of office from San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) to Guadalajara is an important step for our company, which is looking to centralise its services in a key location. We continue expanding our transport and logistics business to important customers from different sectors, including big consumer brands such as Nestlé.

‘This change of office highlights our commitment and investment in Guadalajara, which is undoubtedly a reference logistics hub in the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe’, says Rui Simões, Administrator. ‘In addition, this centre constitutes another step forward in our strategy and fulfils our ambition to continue to expand our operations in the Spanish market, consistently offering an integrated, high-quality service to each of our customers and applying the sector’s state-of-the-art technologies and innovations.’

Maximum storage, sustainability and high-end technology capacity

The Logistics Operations Centre of Guadalajara is an advanced logistics park comprised of three aisles with a total area of 89 000m2, with their respective offices. The centre has been projected to have a capacity for 178.000 000 pallets and to allow the entry of 112 vehicles and exit of 174 every day.

These facilities have the latest technological tools for automating pallet shipping and represent a solution specifically tailored to the requirements of e-Commerce logistics. They also have green areas and ample parking, with over 800 vehicle parking places.

It is located in one of main logistics hubs in the Iberian Peninsula, linking directly with Autovía A-2, Corredor del Henares and Madrid.