Luís Simões replaces part of the vehicle fleet with MAN
22 Feb, 2021

Safety, innovation, and sustainability: in 2020 Luís Simões replaced part of its fleet with the acquisition of 68 MAN TGX 470 model vehicles.

LS fleet: one of the most modern in Europe

The fleet at Luís Simões is characterised by it being one of the newest in Europe, with an average age for tractor-vehicles of 2.5 years. This figure is far below that for the average and for heavy vehicles in both Portugal and in Europe, which stand at 14.9 and 12 years respectively, according to the European Association of Vehicle Manufacturers (Associação Europeia de Fabricantes de Automóveis – ACEA).

Improved conditions for our drivers

This decision is related to the commitment on the part of LS to constantly provide better safety conditions for drivers, together with the most innovative solutions in terms of sustainability and the provision of excellent service to clients. Technically, these new vehicles are fitted with the latest systems that make driving more efficient, safe, and sustainable, while providing a complete view of the state of the fleet in real time.

Innovation allied with Sustainability

The Efficient Cruise system (working on the basis of the GPS signal, the driving speed adapts to the topography, the proximity and speed of the vehicle in front) and the EfficientRoll system (taking the previewing of the route due to the GPS into account, driving is controlled intelligently to economise on fuel; even on slight inclines, the gearbox changes automatically to neutral to make use of the drive and the inertia of the vehicle) are the major technological innovations for these vehicles which also include rigorous safety features, including ABS, ESP, ACC and LGS. These are still at the cutting edge of technology in terms of sustainability, being fitted with motors that adhere to the new, Euro6D emissions standard.

This investment on the part of Luís Simões is, more than anything, a demonstration on the part of the company to focus on its drivers with a view to improving the driver experience on long-distance routes while facilitating their work.

“This new acquisition is the result of the twin commitments on the part of Luís Simões to provide the highest quality service to our customers and the best working conditions for our drivers. Long-distance routes are a major part of our business and we aim to provide our drivers with the best tools for the job. It is important for them to feel comfortable while they are carrying out their work and that they also enjoy the highest levels of safety”, Cláudia Trindade, the Iberian Fleet Manager at Luís Simões, stressed.