Luís Simões: the supply of essential goods in a time of COVID-19
12 May, 2020

Luís Simões has introduced a complete, secure, and effective plan of action for the continuity of its activities during the Coronavirus crisis.

In spite of the major and to be expected drop in business, LS has developed a coordinated strategy between Portugal and Spain that allows it to meet the new demand requirements that are distinct from the norm and at the same time, ensure the protection of its employees and the excellent nature of its customer service.

Daily management of more than 25,500 tons of products

The logistics sector is one of those that are performing a fundamental role in ensuring the well-being of society during the COVID-19 pandemic.
During the months of March and April, LS managed the transport and distribution of over 25,500 tonnes of food, drink, and paper products such as toilet paper and packaging on a daily basis, employing over 2,250 vehicles.

“This is a critical moment for the sector. However, we cannot forget our mission. We are dedicated mainly to the logistics of essential goods that need to be delivered for both families and businesses. The production processes for many of our clients were affected by the situation and so we had to change our own operations in order to be able to continue to provide a quality service, ensuring the supply of their products. Simultaneously, we had to implement vigorous protocols to ensure the safety of our employees at all times”, Vítor Enes, General Manager for Business Development explained.

Concern for our people!

With a view to ensuring the health of all of our employees, at the start of the pandemic LS activated a contingency plan with a series of measures – including remote working for all administrative teams; obligatory bodily temperature readings for anyone accessing any of our Centres; restricting the number of employees in the warehouses; the suspension of work-related travel and the replacement of meetings and visits with telephone calls and videoconferencing.

In addition to all of this, training was given, and information provided to our drivers about how to act in adverse environments and situations. Safety kits were distributed comprising of hand-sanitiser gel, masks, and gloves, which was only possible – in both Portugal and Spain – due to the efforts of the Buying Department (which acquired the products), Copacking (which put the kits together) and Transport and Distribution (which made sure that they got to the professionals involved). Similarly, the company provided personal protection materials at all of its Centres on the Iberian Peninsula for the safety of everyone who continued to work towards ensuring the service and the supplies of basic necessity goods.

Social responsability

At the same time, LS joined forces with other entities in various altruistic initiatives aimed at contributing to combatting COVID-19, including an association with Beiersdorf, which markets Nivea and Eucerin, for the transport and distribution of products to hospitals in Portugal and an agreement with the SuperBockGroup to distribute 14,000 litres of disinfectant gel to health centres all over the country.