Luís Simões: the logistics of ecological products
07 Sep, 2023

“Ensuring sustainable, high-quality production that respects the environment should be one of the main objectives of all types of companies today, especially agricultural ones. According to Greenpeace, ecological agriculture is the one that ‘ensures healthy farming and healthy food for the present and future, as it protects the soil, water, and climate while promoting biodiversity without polluting the environment with agrochemical products or the cultivation of genetically modified foods.’

Thanks to our commitment in this area, we have obtained the certification of an Organic Products Warehouse at our Logistics Operations Center (COL) in Guadalajara, located in the Puerta Centro – Ciudad del Transporte industrial area. This seal recognizes companies that comply with sustainability standards and ensures that the products we work with originate from ecological agriculture.

This European-certified certification ensures that all points in the supply chain, from production to reaching the end consumer, meet the criteria for ecological production.

Our Guadalajara Center has become a reception warehouse for any imports of organic products from outside the European Union.

This means that this COL has been authorized by the European Commission and registered in the TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System) system as evidence of compliance with these requirements in its operations. At Luís Simões, we will undergo an annual independent audit to renew this certification.

“Having the privilege of being able to receive imports of organic products for the European Union gives us a competitive advantage in the logistics sector and is another step in our mission to achieve a more sustainable logistics future,” says Pedro Ventura, Director of Processes and Compliance at Luís Simões. “This certificate implies responsibility and commitment to compliance with legislation in this area, as well as with our consumers and clients.”

Trustworthy Operations

The new seal obtained confirms our good practices in storing organic products through operations that ensure environmental protection. It also certifies that biodiversity preservation, the non-use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms, and respect for natural cycles and animal welfare have been ensured in the storage of products.

This certification adds to other recognitions we have achieved thanks to our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability. Recently, we obtained the IFS Logistic certification, also at the Guadalajara COL, for excellent performance in the distribution of food products during the pandemic. Likewise, LS was included in the Top 10 of Nestlé’s Sustainability Award, and in 2019, we also obtained the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certification for our Logistics Operations Center in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara).

Furthermore, the Cabanillas del Campo and Puerta Centro – Ciudad del Transporte centers are LEED certified by the U.S. Green Building Council for being energy-efficient and resource-efficient buildings.

“All companies have a significant responsibility to society, starting with respect for and preservation of the environment. We are a company committed to this, and we have been working for a long time to ensure the correct supply of organic products and to meet the highest sustainability standards,” concludes Pedro Ventura.

Did you know…

  • We are a leading logistics operator in the market for road flows between the Iberian Peninsula’s two countries?
  • We manage a fleet of 1,621 vehicles (owned and subcontracted) and have more than 2,300 employees?
  • We provide integrated logistics services throughout the Iberian Peninsula, with over 25 warehouses exceeding 400,000m² of installed capacity in 10 different regions of the Iberian Peninsula?
  • We started operating in Loures in 1948 and have been in the Spanish market for over 30 years? Learn more about us here.”