Luís Simões renews fleet with Mercedes-Benz
30 Jan, 2020

Luís Simões renewed its fleet with 60 Mercedes Actros 4 and 5

Luís Simões renewed its fleet with the threefold commitment to provide greater safety to its drivers, the best service to its clients and to reduce the ecological footprint. For this purpose, it entrusted Mercedes-Benz with an investment of 60 Actros 4 and 5.

LS’ fleet averages 2,5 years of age

This latest technological investment is proof of its desire to supply customers with modern transport units, which ensure the highest quality of service and the utmost safety. LS’ fleet averages 2,5 years of age, which is much lower than the industry average and in stark contrast with the average age of 14,8 years for heavy good vehicle fleets in Portugal, according to data from ACAP.

‘Innovation is a central pillar of our strategy. We are always looking for the most advanced options in the market, those that offer valuable solutions to our customers and help protect the environment. As such, our purchase decisions are based on efficiency and safety criteria, and Mercedes-Benz solutions combine both of these aspects. In addition to their disruptive innovations (such as MirrorCam) and their comprehensive service contracts, we must also highlight their good energy efficiency, vehicle safety, high availability and comfort’, explains Cláudia Trindade, Iberian Fleet Manager.

High-end technology for quality and efficiency

The new vehicles are equipped with advanced technical systems that make for a more efficient, safe and sustainable driving, while also providing assistance to the driver, as well as a comfortable and sophisticated driver’s cab. Some of their most important technological innovations include:

• MirrorCam for better vehicle aerodynamics. This system replaces the rear-view mirrors with two cameras, the images of which are displayed in 15-inch monitors inside the cab. The system assists the driver through distance indicator lines, enabling a better assessment of traffic, manoeuvres, corners or changes of direction. In corners and reverse gears, the monitor image follows the movement of the vehicle, offering all-around visibility of the whole semi-trailer.

• Enhanced version of the Predictive Powertrain Control system This intercity PPC optimizes driving in motorways, expressways and secondary roads. By using satellite tracking and digital maps, it provides topographical information and predicts the development of the route. Additionally, it sends speed limit warnings and enables higher energy efficiency by adopting a driving style suitable to the given topography.

• Advanced safety systems such as Active Brake assist, Stability Control Assist, Stability Control Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and Attention Assist.

• In combination with the Mercedes-Benz Complete service contract, the new Mercedes-Benz Uptime service offers continuous communication between the vehicle, Mercedes-Benz assistance service and the transport company, via an intelligent system that provides continuous vehicle monitoring and predicts assistance and maintenance needs.

• Actros 5’s cab is a comfortable and modern workstation, with a multimedia system consisting of two monitors. One of them is a 10-inch monitor mounted behind the steering wheel and displays important driving information, such as the speedometer, revolution counter and fuel gauge. The other is a touch screen through which the driver may control other truck features, such as lighting or air-conditioning.