Luis Simões relocates its Spanish headquarters to Guadalajara as a growth strategy
07 Sep, 2023

Guadalajara: Strategic Location

Our company has relocated its headquarters from Spain to Guadalajara, a strategic location for the logistics and industrial sector in the country.

The operations center in this locality covers a total area of 89,000 square meters and will employ over 400 people, including both direct and indirect positions. It has been operational since the first half of this year.

The Move from San Fernando

The relocation of our headquarters from San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) to Guadalajara marks an important milestone for our company, as we aim to centralize our services in what we consider a key location. We continue to expand our transportation and logistics business for significant clients from various sectors, including prominent consumer brands like Nestlé.

“This headquarters move underscores our commitment to and investment in Guadalajara, which is undoubtedly a leading logistics hub in the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe,” said Rui Simões, Administrator. “Furthermore, it represents another step in our strategic plan and aligns with our ambition to further grow our operations in the Spanish market, always delivering comprehensive and high-quality services to each and every one of our clients, while implementing the latest technologies and industry innovations.”

Maximum Storage Capacity, Sustainability, and Cutting-edge Technology

The Guadalajara Logistics Operations Center is an advanced logistics park consisting of three warehouses with a total area of 89,000 square meters, including corresponding office spaces. The complex has been designed to accommodate 178,000 pallets and facilitate the daily entry of 112 vehicles and the exit of 174.

This infrastructure is equipped with the latest technological tools, enabling pallet dispatch automation and a solution tailored to the demands of e-commerce logistics. It also features green areas and ample parking spaces, with over 800 spots for automobiles.

Situated in one of the primary logistics hubs of the Iberian Peninsula, it offers direct access to the A-2 highway, the Henares Corridor, or Madrid.