Luís Simões in the Automobile Industry in partnership with Mahle
28 Jan, 2020

Luís Simões in partnership with Mahle

Luís Simões established a partnership with Mahle, German supplier in the Automobile Industry with a pioneering role in technological development in the area of future mobility.

This collaboration first started mid-2017, when the centre of LS’ operations in Coimbra began providing integrated transport and logistics services for raw materials (steel strapping and other segments); as well as preparing manufacturing orders for the production lines of Mahle’s Portuguese unit, based in Murtede, Cantanhede.

The Center of Logistics Operations LS in Coimbra

Our company is currently in charge of receiving, checking and storing raw materials from Brazil, and is also responsible for performing every manufacturing order through direct communication channels with Mahle, made possible from strict planning, defined in advanced between both parties.

Cristina Falcão, manager of LS’ Operations Centre in Coimbra, says: “This partnership places us in a differentiator, multifaceted position, which is aligned with the market and the current challenges faced by the Automobile Industry. The high level of requirements and quality standards in this sector reinforce our position as leading logistics operator in the Iberian market”.

In Portugal, the services provided by LS to Mahle are the preparation of production kits and the management of everyday transport to the factory, both carried out by a highly qualified team, so as to ensure the highest possible levels of quality. Mahle’s product portfolio involves all the key issues concerning the technology of transmission systems and air-conditioning systems, both for combustion engines and for electrical mobility.

This partnership is one of our company’s milestones. It involves a high level of commitment and responsibility on our part and represents an innovative outsourcing business in the automobile logistics area. Additionally, it requires the company to maintain a position fully aligned with the new opportunities and challenges of a particularly demanding sector.

It is worth mentioning that Luís Simões’ collaboration with Mahle was a result of a strict process of search and selection from the many existing solutions in the market of logistics suppliers. Every business aspect was assessed, from safety and quality to experience with similar operations. After this phase, and for a period of three months, both organisations tested on site the whole process of reception, storage and supply of raw materials to Mahle’s production lines by Luís Simões’ employees. Once the physical conditions, training and communication systems were validated, the operations began in July 2017 and have since allowed Mahle to expand their operations as planned. Internal and external audits have shown proper compliance with the automobile industry requirements.