22 Mar, 2022

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) awarded its Diploma of Honour to nine Luís Simões drivers. This award from the IRU distinguishes professional drivers for the excellence of their professionalism and for the safety in the performance of their duties over a career of at least two decades.

Luís Simões submitted the application of its drivers, which was approved after verification of compliance with strict criteria:

• Practicing the profession for at least 20 years uninterruptedly, with full satisfaction of the employer;

• Be employed by the same transport company for at least 5 years;

• Having traveled, as a professional driver, at least 1 million kilometers in national or international transport;

• Not having caused, under its responsibility, any serious accident (causing personal injuries) in road traffic in the last 20 years;

• Have not seriously infringed road, customs or administrative regulations in your country or in other countries in the last 5 years.

The nine Luís Simões drivers have between 22 and 35 years of career at Luís Simões and, between all of them, have covered more than 17 million kilometers.

In submitting the candidacy of these employees for the IRU distinction, LS highlights their excellent performance and the alignment of all with the company’s values.

“It is a recognition of an exemplary professional life. Our drivers are the best. They are the ones on the front lines every day. It is a source of pride to be able to count on professionals of this caliber, and to see them recognized internationally. We just have to thank you for your dedication and dedication for so many hours alone behind the wheel, for so many safe kilometers”, says Fernanda Simões, Administrator for the Transport business at Luís Simões.

LS already has 27 drivers whose safe and exemplary performance has been recognized across borders with the IRU Diploma of Honour.