Luís Simões chosen as Business of the Year with the Greatest International Expansion
03 Nov, 2020

Luís Simões was awarded the “Business of the Year with the Greatest International Expansion (Empresa do Ano com maior Expansão Internacional)” prize, given by the CEOE-CEPYME Guadalajara. The award acknowledges the outstanding performance of the Group in its expansion on the Iberian Peninsula, focusing on its Guadalajara development.

The award was announced today at a press conference by the President of the Guadalajara CEOE-CEPYME, a business organisation that seeks to drive forward the economic development of the area. The province is home to two of the main operations centres for Luís Simões, from where Group strategy is centralised and coordinated.

Our operations centers

The first of these two is located in Cabanillas del Campo and was opened in 2018, representing one of the most important steps taken by Luís Simões with regard to its facilities. With an area of 66,000m2 and capacity for 95,000 palettes, this Logistics Operations Centre forms the backbone for all operations carried out in Spain.

On the basis of this success and performance, in February 2019, LS again selected Guadalajara to set up one of its most important developments in terms of sustainability and innovation. This new centre, located on the Punta Centro – Ciudad del Transporte industrial estate, is the current headquarters in Spain for Luís Simões.

These facilities, with an area of more than 90,000m2 have capacity for some 180,000 palettes and are equipped with the most recent developments in logistics automation, which permits the levels of productivity and traceability of operations to be raised, as well as optimising the supply chain. Furthermore, the facility has an area of 5,350m2 dedicated to the activities of Copacking and e-Commerce.

The relationship between Luís Simões and Spain began in the 80’s

Thanks to these two locations, along with the network of other logistics centres, Luís Simões continues along a path of consolidation and growth in Spain. The relationship between LS and the neighbouring country began in the 1980s with transport routes into Spain, followed in the 1990s with the formation of a Spanish company headquartered in Madrid and the establishment of branches in Andalucia, Catalunya and Galicia. Later, a logistics company was purchased with headquarters in Guadalajara, which was to be the company´s entry into the Spanish logistics market.

“We are truly grateful to the CEOE Guadalajara for this award, which acknowledges our history in Spain and our efforts to continue to provide the best service to our customers. I would also like to thank all of the employees at Luís Simões, whose work on a day-to-day basis has made this award possible”, José Luís Simões, President of Luís Simões affirmed.