Kinda Home elects Luís Simões as its Portuguese logistics partner
28 Mar, 2019

Luís Simões continues to grow its portfolio of national reference customers.

Furniture Company Kinda Home, a member of the Nuvi Group, which is a family business group boasting over 50 years of history, has elected Luís Simões as its partner to expand its business in the Iberian Peninsula, entrusting Luís Simões with their storage and transport operations in the national territory.

Kinda Home in Logistics Operations Centre of Palmela

Kinda Home’s operations are located in the Logistics Operations Centre of Palmela, in the municipality of Setúbal, where it takes up an area of over 10 000m2 and from which the daily supply of its store in Porto is carried out. Luís Simões is in charge of the logistics management of over six thousand references, including furniture, furnishings, clothing, carpets or couches, which arrive in containers from several European countries, India and China. LS is in charge of the management of Kinda Home’s entire range, with the exception of kitchens, which are tailor made for every project and directly delivered to the place of installation.

LS is responsible for unloading, checking and palletising goods for storage, and labelling products with the final retail price. Articles are sorted per unit, per box and per palette, for delivery through online and offline channels.

“We are proud to be given the opportunity to grow alongside a company as important as Kinda Home”

“In Luís Simões, we are very happy to have earned this operation. We are proud to be given the opportunity to grow alongside a company as important as Kinda Home, helping it build and develop its brand in the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to the partnership with this new customer, we continue to strengthen our business, growing and broadening our horizons in the Portuguese market”, says Andreia Antunes, Business Development Director in Luís Simões. ‘Kinda Home began operating in Angola, where it already has 4 stores, and decided to internationalize its brand starting from Portugal, where it considers to be possibilities for growth and to make a difference in this sector”.

The services provided to Kinda Home emphasize Luís Simões’ investment in e-commerce logistics and reinforcement of its investment in technological tools that help it improve service provision efficiency and speed.