José Luís Simões honored by APEF
26 Oct, 2023

The Association of Family Businesses (APEF) paid tribute to José Luís Simões, the president of the Luís Simões Group and one of the founding members, by presenting him with a commemorative silver plaque.

During a ceremony held at SUD Lisbon, where the Association celebrated its 25th anniversary, the essential role of José Luís Simões in the foundation of the association and his remarkable contribution to the success of family businesses in Portugal was acknowledged. The silver plaque symbolizes the association’s and the business sector’s gratitude for the president’s legacy.

In addition to the presentation of other awards, the event emphasized the significance of family businesses in the country’s economy and their positive impact on economic development and job creation.

Founded in 1998, the Association of Family Businesses is a private, non-profit association with a national scope and spanning across all sectors of activity. Its members are presidents, administrators, shareholders, or executives of their own companies, whether they have a national or international presence.

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