Escolas LS’: Luís Simões’ project to enhance customer service through internal talent
07 Sep, 2023

At Luís Simões, we have developed a comprehensive internal training program aimed at nurturing the talent of our teams and enhancing customer service.

The project, known as ‘LS Schools,’ allows our employees to update their knowledge in various fundamental areas with the aim of boosting the profitability and efficiency of a wide range of operations.

The operational schools are designed for Customer Assistance teams in the Transport and Logistics areas, as well as for Asset Assistants responsible for optimizing resources at the lowest cost, ensuring service levels, and compliance with legal regulations through various aspects, such as driver management or vehicle and cargo planning. Additionally, new employees who join our company also benefit from these training sessions as part of their onboarding and organizational adaptation process.

In general, ‘LS Schools’ serve three main objectives:

  1. Ensure that Assistants have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their roles to the best of their ability.
  2. Standardize and homogenize work processes and procedures, favoring effective handling of business applications.
  3. Create, share, and promote best practices focused on the continuous improvement of each role’s function.

How is it organized?

Depending on their area of specialization, professionals receive specific training tailored to improve results and the quality of customer service. For example, Asset Assistants update their knowledge in planning processes, decision-making models, Transportation Management System (TMS), and results-oriented Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), among other topics. On the other hand, Customer Assistance teams deepen their understanding of the various Transportation and Logistics processes within our company, as well as techniques and methodologies to optimize the support they provide.

The program combines practical training sessions with on-the-job training periods, facilitating the application of acquired knowledge in daily work. The courses adapt to the participants’ characteristics and are divided into short-duration sessions led by employees from various corporate and business areas. Due to the COVID-19 situation, in-person classes have been replaced by online training and video conferences to ensure the program’s continuity.

Together with Luís Simões’ other internal training initiatives, ‘LS Schools’ foster internal talent and employees’ capabilities as the foundation for delivering competitive logistics services that can address the challenges of an ever-changing market.

Our People

“People are Luís Simões’ most valuable asset. Thanks to them, we can develop logistics solutions that create value for our customers and help us grow every day. Investing in the team is investing in ourselves as a company, and this has been part of LS’s philosophy for decades,” explains Javier Montero, Corporate Director of Human Resources.