Luís Simões is governed by a series of values and policies that reflect the mission and vision of the company in a market that is constantly evolving.
Guarantee efficient and competitive transport, logistics and supporting service solutions, promoting the client's satisfaction and that of society in general, from an economic, social and environmental viewpoint.
To be the Iberian company of reference in terms of quality of service for the transport and logistics sector.

Luís Simões is committed to the following values outlined in its policy, regarding which it undertakes to:

  • Comply with the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements in force, as well as other requirements to which it has subscribed, whether environmental, food safety or other plans for which it is responsible before society;
  • Promote awareness among company employees through the implementation of LS policy, by involving them actively in this process, and ensuring the disclosure of the main results to all the stakeholders involved;
  • Develop employees’ competence and motivation regarding the objectives of the business in terms of quality, safety, hygiene and health at work, environment and food safety;
  • Make available the relevant resources for the implementation of LS policy in business and its continuous improvement.
In addition, it undertakes to:
Quality and Food Service
  • Make available the relevant resources for the increase of business quality and its continuous improvement;
  • Favour gains in process efficiency and efficacy, as a competitive advantage for companies and added value for clients, aimed at securing their loyalty;
  • Guarantee compliance with clients’ requirements, by assessing their satisfaction and managing their expectations;
  • Preserve the quality and food safety of products, within the scope of operations and services rendered, ensuring communication with all the parties involved in the food chain: suppliers, employees, clients and competent authorities.
  • Define and implement measures to minimise the environmental impacts resulting from the activity in line with the objectives and targets defined and reviewed on a regular basis in accordance with the most significant environmental aspects, measuring and assessing the results obtained to continually ensure their efficacy;
  • Continually improve the company’s environmental performance with the aim of preventing pollution and reducing the waste produced, atmospheric emissions and energy consumption, through the rational use of natural resources
Occupational Health and Safety
  • Make available the necessary resources for preventing occupational risks, improving security conditions when performing activities and monitoring employees’ health, thereby developing their competence and reinforcing awareness in terms of occupational health and safety.
Social Responsibility
  • Promote a transparent relationship with interested parties and society in general, by carrying out, whether through previously expressed commitments, or through the development of specific actions, so as to promote personal, professional and family ties, information, awareness raising and/or solidarity activities, directed at external entities with which we interact.

To successfully fulfill this mission, it is essential to disclose and share the following core values:

  • Client orientation:
    Exceed client expectations by providing value added services supported by flexible, innovative and technologically advanced solutions;
  • Respect for people:
    Guarantee the continuous qualification of all employees, developing their skills for different and challenging performances of their activities, with quality and safety;
  • Sustainability:
    Favour the sustainable development of the organisation through a transparent, social and ethically responsible conduct;
  • Trust:
    Imbue Group and employee performance with respect towards colleagues, clients and suppliers, believing in each one’s working skills and in the advocacy of LS values;
  • Loyalty:
    Base day-to-day practice on professionalism, operational rigour and transparent relationships, placing LS interests above personal interests, as a means of protecting our institutional credibility and positive image;
  • Innovation:
    Focus on management as structured processes, supported by modern technological systems, contributing to the development of competitive advantages in relation to the market;
  • Environment:
    Implement good environmental practices, reducing the adverse effects resulting from our activity and protecting the surrounding environment;
  • Concern for safety:
    Guarantee the best working conditions through preventive actions, in order to eliminate risks inherent to the activity and preserve employees’ well-being;
  • Property:
    Uphold the quality of our facilities, equipment and brands, ensuring the valorisation and respect of all, particularly employees, by dignifying their jobs.

Some numbers that mirror the dimension of Luís Simões:

of warehouses area
logistics operations centres
cross-docking platforms
copacking centres
transport operations centres
picking units/month
distribution routes/day
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