We ALL deserve congratulations!
14 Nov, 2023

In 2023, as in 1948, we face challenging times on social, political, and economic fronts, marked by constraints, adversities, and uncertainties. The vans that once replaced horse-drawn carts are now making way for the digital age, process automation, and the automation of many routine tasks, all while enhancing the knowledge and talent of our people.

This year, we will celebrate with our employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and various other stakeholders. Together, we will strengthen future sustainability, continuing to create value in the supply chain.

We extend our gratitude to the boldness of our founders, Fernando and Delfina Simões. But also to all those who, in different times and generations, have contributed to the current reality. Thanks to those who have brought us to this point.

A special thank you to those who are now part of this great family in November 2023 and who make Luís Simões a project for the future every day.

Together, we will build the next 75 years.

Congratulations to ALL of us!