Started the first phase of the new Logistics Center of Luís Simões in Guadalajara
08 Nov, 2018

Luís Simões began construction of the first phase of his new Logistics Operations Center in Guadalajara, developed in partnership with Montepino Logística. This first phase includes the construction of warehouse B, one of the three warehouses that will compose the new and advanced logistic complex located in the Polígono Puerta Centro de Guadalajara.

This warehouse will have an area of 29.083m2, 13.70 meters high, 34 doks and capacity for 43.000 pallets. In addition, it will have approximately 2.200m2 of Copacking area, an activity especially relevant for the development of promotional logistics services and e-Commerce logistics, two key segments for the core business of Luís Simões.

This warehouse will be equipped with a refrigerating chamber, which will provide the logistic operator greater versatility and adaptability in the development of its activity for customers in different sectors.

According to António Fernandes, project manager, “this investment, which in innovation will play a fundamental role, is a great opportunity for Luís Simões to continue to position itself as a leading operator in the Iberian Peninsula and to expand its operations in Spain “.

Luís Simões, is already present in Cabanillas del Campo with a LOC (Logistics Operations Center) of 66.380m2 and capacity for 95.000 pallets, continues to bet on Guadalajara as the center of its activity in the Spanish market. In this way, the company reinforces its commitment to this province, increasing its activity and generating new jobs, both direct and indirect.

“This new Logistics Operations Center responds to Luís Simões ambition to continue to expand its operations in the Spanish market, as well as to offer a complete and quality service to each of its customers, always implementing the latest technologies and innovations of the sector,” says António Fernandes.