Luís Simões invests one million in Control Tower
03 May, 2018

Luís Simões has invested around one million euros by centralizing the security management model in his Control Tower, achieving a 30% reduction in the security incidents.

Since its implementation, LS has reduced the response time to incidents occurring in its operations by 80%, from the initial 36 hours to the current maximum 7 hours. This is an innovation bet that puts LS as a benchmark in the industry, since it allows a significant optimization of security costs.

Through Control Tower, operational 24/7/365, LS guarantees the safety of its facilities, supports the traceability of the merchandise, centrally manages loading and unloading incidents in its warehouses and provides support to the entire fleet in transit time.

Equipped with the most advanced software on the market, Control Tower brings together in one Integrated Management Software – Milestone – all the company’s electronic security support systems: biometric access control, 6 megapixel CCTV, anti-intrusion systems, fire protection system and fleet control though GPS.

For instance, the Control Tower can monitor, on time, whether if a door of LS facility it’s open or closed. In case of fire, it can immediately and accurately identify the origin point trough a pop up video in the Control Tower that also indicates the alarm point and that will result in the operator reaction to activate the established protocols for each occurrence. The platform makes all systems interact in case of fire and sends alerts to the electronic equipments that will generate different alarms.

The Control Tower it’s located in Carregado, the Operations Center in Portugal, closer to the main decision centres of LS and where the operator has a specialized team on processing images.

All the equipment’s are connected through an IP to the central platform and to the platform itself that centralizes with integrated software the management of all them, which simplifies the operator’s work of the Control Tower.

Nowadays, Luís Simões has a system of more than 500 cameras throughout all the Iberian Peninsula, mostly hemispherical, capable of recording 6-megapixel images, which allows monitoring on time of its operations, ensuring the traceability of the merchandise in case of incidence. This traceability also allows ensuring the drivers safety when there is a trigger of a system alert, when, for instance, an unscheduled station stops in a trip, happens.

According to Gustavo Sánchez, Luis Simões Iberian security director, “the centralization has helped us to standardize procedures at an Iberian level, generating significant synergies and giving more security and true added value to our customers.”