Luís Simões invests in an innovative logistics in Cabanillas del Campo Center
18 Jun, 2018

Luís Simões is betting on a new and innovative model of Logistics Operations Center (LOC), in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara – Spain), focus on the implementation of automated processes. Luís Simões invested 17 million euros in the launch of this innovative and automated LOC, composed by two areas, with their own offices, which aggregates more than 66.000m2 of storage area.

In this Luís Simões COL the construction of a mezzanine with 3.000m2 for promotional logistics operations is being completed, 6m high, over the dock area, which has two areas of copacking in tax warehouse and a copacking national area. From this zone of copacking are being produced, in campaign, an average of 50.000 packs daily.

The Center, operated entirely by Luís Simões, started its activity in 2017 and is 100% operational. Major brands like Bacardi, Diageo, Delonghi, Procter & Gamble and Nestlé, rely on Luís Simões to manage its operations in Spain from the Cabanillas del Campo Center, with e-commerce operations, co-packing services, storage or preparation of orders per unit, among others. In this Center, with capacity up to 95.000 pallets and where 100.000 daily picking units are produced, 60 trucks get in and 150 trucks get out each day.

Luís Simões LOC in Cabanillas stands out for presenting one of the latest technological tools that allows automate the pallets expedition. In general terms, this Center has an output capacity of 200 pallets per hour.

It has also a solution adapted to e-commerce logistics. It is an automated management model coupled with solutions such as pick & put-to-light, which improves the ratio productivity in high-speed operations, increasing picking efficiency and minimizing error percentage.

In this Center, Luís Simões has created 256 direct jobs and more than 300 indirect jobs, which reaffirms the commitment to the Guadalajara region, where it has been operating for almost two decades in several locations, and now operates on this unit Center.

The Center was built to the highest quality standard, which earned in 2017 LEED Gold Certificate from the US Green Building Council. Luís Simões team contributed proactively to obtain the Gold Certification, supporting as users of the building and committing themselves by using sustainable products, as well as promoting and disseminating good practices in the use of facilities, such as solar energy or the efficient use of electricity and water, among others.

In this way, Luís Simões reinforces its commitment to the environment, always seeking to provide its services taking into consideration the consequent environmental impact.