Luis Simões Celebrates 10 Years of Logística Promocional
04 Sep, 2023

It’s been 10 years…

At LS, the journey began in 2013 as a project aimed at expanding services and meeting market needs. Today, the company has a consolidated presence in various points of sale, events, and festivals, offering a range of specialized services. From vinyl application to point of sale stand refurbishment, LS works closely with a lot of clients.


Furthermore, LS has expanded into copacking, with operational centers in various regions. This service addresses a common challenge for clients: managing multiple suppliers for a single end product. The company takes responsibility for sourcing materials, providing a ‘turnkey’ service. The team works closely with clients, from the briefing stage to transportation testing, ensuring that solutions meet their expectations.


In Logística Profissional, LS highlights its work with Maxxium, where it deploys Christmas tree-shaped displays across Spain. The professional team ensures assembly and disassembly, including product stocking, providing detailed reports with photographs of the final result.

In Centralidad’s Copacking, the company offers a comprehensive service of product model advisory and testing. They test logistical efficiencies, suggest design improvements, and promote the use of more eco-friendly materials.


Future projects include adopting more sustainable practices, such as replacing plastic seals with paper seals and opting for 100% recycled and recyclable paper or plastic straps. The company is also committed to reducing plastic consumption and supporting local businesses.

At LS, the company is dedicated to innovating and contributing to a greener future while maintaining quality and a commitment to clients.