Luís Simões develops project to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
03 Oct, 2018

Luís Simões presented a new project, which allows to measure Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from all Group companies. The goal is to measure values ​​more efficiently and consciously, and thus identify measures to reduce GHG emissions.

Since 2007, the Luís Simões group has developed a sustainability strategy, working on issues such as climate change, and with that, to make an unequivocal commitment to find effective solutions that reduce the direct impact of its operations on the environment.

The United Nations (UN) has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) to end poverty, promote general well-being and protect the environment. In this sense, Luís Simões highlights his contribution to ODS 13 – Climate Action, identifying opportunities to reduce GHG emissions.

In a first phase, the Department of Sustainable Development has conducted an inventory of all sources of GHG emissions (direct and indirect). Subsequently, the emissions produced in 2017 were calculated.

The analysis revealed that Luís Simões produced 42,101 tonnes of CO2e in 2017. Considering that in the last decade the operator has reduced the GHG emissions of its fleet of trucks by more than 16%.

For an environmental commitment

With the results obtained, and in line with the commitment to sustainability, Luís Simões identified a set of actions for 2018, in order to continue to reduce GHG emissions. At present, 17 initiatives are under development, through which a reduction of 370 tonnes of CO2e / year is estimated.

In the area of ​​transport stands out a solution that will help achieve this goal: the Gigaliners. Luís Simões has 10 gigaliners, which are currently in circulation in Portugal and Spain. The load capacity of two gigaliners is equivalent to three conventional trucks, which contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption and GHG emissions. The use of these vehicles allows the reduction of emissions in approximately 144 tons of CO2e / year.

The fleet of Luís Simões has 97% of vehicles with engines Euro V and VI and only 3% of motors Euro III and IV. In 2017 Luís Simões invested in the acquisition of 300 semi-trailers – with a view to developing a modern, more economical and safe fleet.

With the fleet renewal is intended to increase the efficiency of vehicles, together with the necessary adjustments to minimize friction and thus reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions.

In the logistics area, a reduction of 153 tonnes of CO2e / year is estimated, with emphasis on energy efficiency initiatives in the warehouses. Energy efficiency is one of the pillars of the LS group’s sustainability strategy, which continues to work on actions to achieve the goal of reducing GHG emissions by 2019.

Luís Simões believes that the future lies in adopting responsible solutions that are more energy efficient and that contribute to a more carbon neutral and sustainable environment.