Luís Simões and its commitment to the Pharmaceuticals sector
02 Dec, 2020

Luís Simões received the Certification of Best Distribution Practices for pharmaceutical industry (GDP) at its Logistics Operations Centre at Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara, Spain).

This is a system of quality control for warehouses and distribution companies in the pharmaceutical industry or other organisations that collaborate with it and testifies that the warehouse meets the quality and safety requirements necessary for the warehousing, management and distribution of pharmaceutical products and medication.

This certification attests to the use of best practices in distribution that ensure the quality of the medication in the course of the chain of distribution, from the manufacturer to the distribution site. Our Centre in Cabanillas del Campo received the inspection visit from the health authorities in July.

This is another step in the strategy for establishing LS as a benchmark logistics operator for the pharmaceutical industry on the Iberian Peninsula.

From this centre we manage supply to wholesale warehouses, pharmacies, and hospital pharmacies, along with other legally established distribution entities. In addition to medication, we are also responsible for the logistics and transport of other health-related products, cosmetics and personal care products which are distributed to over 110 destinations in Portugal, Spain, and Andorra.

Pharma sector in Portugal

In Portugal, our activity in this sector is concentrated essentially in the Northern Region and derives from the wholesale distribution of Class l, Class l sterile, Class l with Reading function, Class lla, Class llb and Class lll medical devices. The operations certified by Infarmed derive mostly from the warehousing of this type of device in suitable conditions and the observance of the highest standards of quality and safety.

In forthcoming years, we expect to continue to increase our presence in the pharmaceutical sector, developing our range of business activities and adapting and modernising the facilities so that we become the leading operator in distribution and logistics for this sector, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety required for this type of merchandise.

“At Luís Simões, we aim to continue to diversify our business and meet new business challenges and therefore, growth in the pharmaceutical sector is one of our objectives. The current situation due to COVID-19 has bolstered this aim, since the importance of assuring the best distribution and control of health-related products and medication became evident”, Luís Freitas, Director General of Logistics stated.