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1. Object and acceptance

This Legal Notice regulates the use of the following websites: ,, and
These websites are made available by the Luís Simões group.
Website owners are as follows:, and Company name – Luís Simões, S.G.P.S., S A | Moninhos, Apartado 41 2671-951 Loures Company name – Luís Simões Logística Integrada S.A., Avenida Ciudad del Transporte, 9 – 19004 Guadalajara – Madrid.
By browsing any of these websites, users are considered to fully accept each and every of the provisions included in this Legal Notice, which are subject to alterations, without reservation.
Users shall be required to use the website in accordance to applicable legislation, in good faith and with full respect for public order, traffic use standards and the dispositions included in this Legal Notice. Users shall be liable before Luís Simões, S.G.P.S., or any third party involved, for any damages or losses suffered resulting from failure to meet this obligation.

2. Legal information

According to Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), and Law 56/2007, of 28 December, pertaining to measures aimed at promoting the information society, you are hereby informed that the website is owned by Luís Simões Logística Integrada S.A., taxpayer number A79502357, with head office at Avenida Ciudad del Transporte, 9 – 19004 Guadalajara – Madrid.
According to Article 4 of Decree-Law 7/2004, of 7 January (Electronic Commerce), you are hereby informed that the websites and are owned by Luís Simões, S.G.P.S., S A | Moninhos, Apartado 41 2671-951 Loures.
The websiteand the respective services are free and accessible to users; however, the Luís Simões group restricts the use of certain services offered on its website. Users declare that all information provided to the Luís Simões group is true and up-to-date and shall be solely liable for any untruthful or inaccurate information.

3. Access and use conditions

Users are under the obligation to use the contents and services offered by the Luís Simões group adequately and to avoid using them for the purposes listed below, amongst others:
A) Divulging violent, pornographic, racist, xenophobic or offensive contents; advocate terrorism; or divulge contents that may be generally regarded as likely to violate the law or disturb public order.
B) Introducing viruses into the network; engaging in any actions that may alter, damage or insert errors in electronic documents or data; causing damages or interruptions to the functioning of the physical or logic systems owned by the Luís Simões group or by any third party; or preventing access by other users to the website, or to the services provided thereby, through massive use of the Luís Simões group IT resources.
C) Trying to access other users’ e-mail accounts or restricted areas of the IT system owned by the Luís Simões group or by any third party; or steal proprietary information through these actions, should that be the case.
D) Violating intellectual or industrial property rights; or compromising the data confidentiality obligations of the Luís Simões group or of any third party.
E) Using the identity of a different user, public administration body or any third party.
F) It is strictly forbidden to delete or copy any frames, of any type, surrounding webpages or that allow the viewing of the respective contents through other websites. This prohibition also applies to the simultaneous viewing of contents not featured on the aforementioned pages, for the following purposes:
  • Generating errors, causing confusion or misinforming users regarding the true origin of the contents.
  • Disloyal comparison or imitation.
  • Profiting from the Luís Simões group prestige and brand reputation.
G) Reproducing, copying, distributing or disclosing the contents, through any means; or altering or modifying the contents, unless this is authorised by the holder of the respective rights or if legally allowed.
H) Collecting data for advertising purposes; or sending promotional materials or communications of any type, for sales or other commercial purposes, without prior authorisation.
I) Under no circumstances shall any third party be allowed to include on any webpage featuring a link to the Luís Simões group website a declaration to the fact that the group has authorised the insertion of the link in question; or that the group otherwise promotes, endorses, verifies or supervises the services provided by the party in question.

4. Disclaimer of warranty and limitation of liability

This website contains general information, provided for informative purposes only. Access to all contents is not guaranteed, neither is their completeness or accuracy. Moreover, we cannot guarantee that the contents in question are in effect, up-to-date, suitable or useful for any specific purpose. To the extent permitted by law, the Luís Simões group shall not be liable for any losses or damages, irrespective of nature, resulting from the following:
  • Inability to access the website or lack of truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and/or relevance of the respective contents, as well as any faults or errors eventually found in any type of information transmitted, divulged, stored or accessed through the website or the services offered.
  • Presence of viruses or other malware that may affect the IT systems, electronic documents or data of users.
  • Failure to observe the law, act in good faith, respect public order, observe traffic use standards or comply with the provisions included in this Legal Notice as a result of incorrect use of the website. Particularly, and as an example, the Luís Simões group shall not be liable for any actions of any third party that may be regarded as a violation of intellectual and/or industrial property rights; disclosure of trade secrets or information that may affect the honour, privacy and image of any entity or individual; or infringement of any regulations pertaining to unfair competition or illicit advertising.
Moreover, the Luís Simões group declines any responsibilities falling outside the scope of this website and not directly managed by our webmaster. The links displayed on this website have been inserted for the exclusive purpose of providing users with other sources of information related to the contents of this website. This website shall not guarantee or be liable for the functioning or accessibility of any links to other web addresses, nor does it suggest, recommend or invite users to visit the respective sites. The Luís Simões group is not responsible for the creation of hyperlinks by third parties.
The Luís Simões group declares that this webpage is free from viruses and spyware.
Should users leave our website using links to websites not owned by our entity, the Luís Simões group cannot be held accountable for the confidentiality policies of the websites in question or for any cookies that the respective owners may install in users’ computers.

5. Data protection

In accordance with REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL, of 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, it shall be deemed that users who voluntarily provide personal data through the forms included in this website or via e-mail are thereby authorising their inclusion in the file owned by the Luís Simões group.
The Luís Simões group ensures strict compliance with personal data confidentiality and processing regulations by adopting all technical, organisational and security measures required to avoiding data changes, loss or unauthorised access and/or processing. The Luís Simões group for any consequences should the information voluntarily provided by users be incomplete, untruthful or irrelevant. The Luís Simões group shall not disclose, sell or share data pertaining to the users of these webpages to any third party without their express authorisation.
The Luís Simões group ensures that data are processed for the purpose of advertising and promoting the services offered by the company or the entity it represents.
You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, suppression, limitation, portability, opposition, or the right not to be subject to a decision made exclusively in automated treatments, as provided in the aforementioned regulation. Such requests should be submitted by letter, to LS – Gestão Empresarial e Imobiliária, S.A.| Att. of Compliance Dep. | Moninhos, Apartado 41, 2671-951 Loures, Portugal, or via e-mail, to
Our policy concerning e-mails is based on the messages you have chosen to receive. If you prefer not to receive these messages via e-mail, you may exercise your rights to cancel and refuse to receive such messages, in compliance with the provisions included in section III of article 22 of Law 34/2002 on information society services and electronic commerce (Spanish Law) and Decree-Law 7/2004, of 7 January (electronic commerce) (Portuguese Law). Please send the word “Download” to

6. Cookie policy

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Cookies are text files installed on the device used to access this webpage that automatically send information to our server. Cookies are not viruses and do not damage your computer or slow down its operation. You may delete cookies at any time or block them by configuring your browser settings.
If you do not wish to accept cookies, you may configure your browser to block them. Otherwise, we shall consider that you consent to our use of cookies.
Cookies generated by our server. These cookies have different functions:
Cookies used for authentication purposes: Cookies used to identify registered users accessing a webpage. These cookies allow you to access restricted areas within the website, if you have received access data for this purpose.
If you block or delete them, your access data will not work correctly.
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If you block or delete them, your browsing experience will not be as easy.
If you have any questions or doubts concerning our cookie policy, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

7. Intellectual and industrial property

All contents included in this page are the intellectual property of the Luís Simões group, or of third parties, and cannot be reproduced, copied, pasted, transmitted, distributed or otherwise disclosed, by any means or for any purposes, without the prior authorisation in writing of the Luís Simões group. Should such authorisation be granted, the copyright symbol and any other symbols indicating that the materials or contents are protected by intellectual property rights must be displayed. Any use or alterations made to the materials and/or contents for any purposes other than those authorised in the General Conditions shall be regarded as a violation of international copyright law.

8. Law and jurisdiction

Any disputes arising in connection with the Luís Simões group website shall be resolved in accordance with Spanish and/or Portuguese Law, as applicable to the Luís Simões group company in question.